Corporate Retreat

Planet Forth is the ideal location for your next corporate retreat.

Customize your experience for the perfect combination of guided sessions in a beautiful natural setting along with strategic planning, leadership training or team building. Incorporate up to 8 of the following guided sessions into your day

To book your corporate retreat now call 613-800-9021

1. Wim Hof Breathwork with Jacob Mark 4 hrs including cold plunge, workshop slide presentation and breathwork


2. Breathwork 1hr without the class and cold plunge

3. Art of Feminine presence class 2hrs

4. Art of Masculine Presence Class 2hrs

5. Guided Meditations 1hr

6. Intention Setting 1hr

7. Sound Bath 1hr

8. Nutrition Workshop 1hr

9. Quantum Nutrition Workshop 2 hrs

10. Nature Walk 1 or 2 hrs

11. Sacred Fire 2hrs

12. Ayurveda workshop 1 hr

13. Yin yoga 1hr

14. Energy Flow Workshop 1-2 hrs

15. Numerology Workshop 1-2 hrs

16. Sacred Labyrinth 30 min

End your day with a peaceful nature walk or team-building bonfire on the shores of Mississippi Lake. Our large covered tent with AV TECH allows for sessions in all weather conditions. Accommodations and meals are available on and off-site. Call or Click now to build your one-of-a-kind corporate retreat experience.

For more information or to book a corporate retreat, please email or call 613-800-9021