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Planet Forth

Planet Forth was founded by Aaron Hay in 2022 on Mississippi Lake in Beckwith Township, Ontario, Canada and aims to build an all-inclusive healing and wellness retreat where individuals can find a network of healing practices and modalities based on indigenous culture focused on mental health and spiritual growth with an aim to connect to and heal the damage done to the planet in humanity’s pursuit of individual wealth.

Planet Forth is a “Planet Forward” initiative focused on giving back to the planet by reconnecting individuals to the lost practices and ideals of our indigenous cultures. Healing begins with the knowledge that we are all deeply connected to the Earth and her abundance. Most of the mental health issues we face come from, or are exasperated by, a feeling of disconnection, isolation and alienation. This disconnection can be overcome by the support and compassion individuals will find at Planet Forth, as well as the nature-based activities that all serve to reconnect us with our peers, our planet and most importantly, ourselves.

Situated on six acres on the North Shore of beautiful Mississippi Lake, just thirty minutes west of Ottawa, the grounds of Planet Forth offer a peaceful waterfront setting. Owned by the Hay Family since 1913, and operated as a dairy farm until 1975, when it became a campground, the land has provided a beautiful getaway to countless people, but we must remember that prior to this relatively short timespan, the land was once a magnificent forest of giant cedars, maples, oaks, ash and flora and fauna much of which can barely now be imagined. Here woodland natives flourished in harmony with nature for thousands of years making our short time here but a blip on the scale. Although The People and the magnificence of the natural forest has all but been lost, there remains a magic in the natural beauty of the property that is timeless and with proper intention can be allowed once again to flourish.

Today the facilities consist of several waterfront cabins, a large farmhouse now lovingly converted to a restaurant with a large covered patio, a 40’x100’ event tent, and with the upcoming addition of a series of highly refined tipis which will provide a unique accommodation experience with a low impact footprint, guests can expect all the comforts of a five star resort while remaining close to nature.

A typical curriculum will involve a week’s stay at Planet Forth wherein individuals will attend a series of events including workshops, guest speakers, indigenous ceremonies, nature-based recreation, and holistic food creation in a beautiful combination of ancient and new modalities. In addition to what we provide during a stay at MPAC, through our collaborative partner alliance with Mind Ally (MindAlly.org, a Canadian Registered Charity) guests will receive access to a vast ongoing network of support to ensure after-care and continued implementation of the valuable techniques, tools and life-enhancing resources obtained during their retreat at Planet Forth

About Aaron Hay

Aaron Hay is a fourth generation inhabitant of the property on which Planet Forth is situated and was raised here by his grandparents in the farmhouse where his great grandparents settled in 1917. Aaron grew up working at the campground and tourism business founded by his grandparents in 1970 and continues to operate the business to this day. Aaron studied philosophy at Concordia University and Carleton University and later studied screenwriting at Algonquin College. Aaron is a musician, singer/songwriter as well as an avid woodworker and wood carver whose true passion is to share the natural beauty of the property left to him by his grandparents.

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