4 Popular Types of Meditation and What They Can Offer

Meditation is a restorative tool with the ability to reconnect us to nature, ourselves, and the people around us. For a truly holistic healing experience, it is beneficial to attend a meditation retreat without all of the distractions of everyday life. Below are four popular types of meditation you may find at a spiritual retreat in Ontario and how they can transform your inner being.



1. Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is one of the most popular forms of meditation because of its ability to re-center you. In mindfulness meditation, you sit still and notice the thoughts that naturally enter and leave your mind without judging them. This practice, which originates from Buddhist teachings, gives you a space to observe your emotions and thought patterns, which helps to understand yourself on a deeper level and further your personal growth.

2. Tantric Meditation

Tantra is an ideology that believes that we can access all of the powers of the universe within ourselves to achieve full awareness. Tantric meditation is especially helpful to clear out the difficult emotions that reside in our heart center to make a clear path to inner peace. Using breath techniques, visualization of energies, and deep concentration, you can work to address limiting emotions. You will even learn how to convert them into positive energy forces!


3. Mantra Meditation

Mantra meditation is another effective tool that you can practice at a meditation retreat. It involves the repetition of select words and phrases to match your intention. For many people, mantra meditation is the perfect way to manifest what they want because it requires thinking about our desires and stating exactly what we want.

For instance, your mantras could sound like: “I am calm. I am present. I am aware.” Saying these phrases over and over will not only help you relax, but it will also help you feel what you are saying as the truth. Others use mantra meditation to unlock a deeper spiritual level. Mantras could include intentions like “I am on the path to spiritual enlightenment” or “I am connecting to the divine.”

4. Movement Meditation

You may think of meditation as an activity that is only done while sitting still, but movement meditation is a practice that helps you become more in-tune with your body while slowly moving through poses. Movement meditation works best in a natural setting, like walking through a garden in on an Ontario summer morning. Not only will movement meditation help you feel more alive, but it can also help with physical problems like reducing stress and blood pressure.

Healing begins with the understanding that we are connected to Earth. At Planet Forth, we believe that a transformative meditation practice starts with a natural setting. That’s why we offer numerous retreats based on natural elements like fire, air, water, and the earth — all of which are designed to address specific mental health issues. Contact us at Planet Forth to learn more about our life-changing events.


Learn More at a Spiritual Retreat in Ontario

Mindfulness and self-actualization are skills that take a lifetime to fully grasp, and we’re all on our own journey towards a more complete self. Surrounding yourself with other people who are seeking to better themselves in a peaceful retreat setting can help you take the steps to become a better you.

We can help you no matter what step of the journey of self-actualization you find yourself on. Contact Planet Forth today to learn more about the benefits of attending our retreats!

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