How to Clear Your Energy and Let Go of Harmful Beliefs

In today’s world, mental health problems are exceedingly common. Each year, one in four people experience depression, anxiety, or a similar illness, and one in five people have suicidal thoughts at some point in life. To protect yourself, it’s important to learn how to clear your energy and recharge, especially after a busy period. In Ontario, there are retreats and workshops that can help you let go of your harmful beliefs.

Many people have very little contact with nature and the Earth in their daily lives. They might work in offices, commute in a car, and spend their free time at home or in the city. This disconnection can cause stress and a lack of resilience. If you want to break out of your patterns and improve your quality of life, an immersive retreat could be a good starting point. At Planet Forth, you can enjoy healing food, time for recreation, group rituals, and more. After your retreat, you will come away more in tune with nature, your peers, and yourself, and you will be ready to tackle the challenges life throws at you.

Healing Food

The best food is unprocessed and comes directly from nature. If you suffer from an illness or you are worried about your mental health, eating various kinds of raw or fermented foods and avoiding processed dishes can help you recover.

Finding Time for Recreation

Recreation means doing something meaningful and relaxing. This could be your favorite hobby, spending time with friends, going for a stroll, or simply sitting and enjoying nature. Each retreat at Planet Forth includes plenty of free time, so you can develop and nurture your personal interests, either by doing something you already know and love or by trying something completely different.


Group Healing Rituals

Setting healing intentions, meditating, and reflecting with a group can be immensely powerful. These healing rituals can take place in various natural settings, and they can be personalized to your group’s beliefs and needs. They might include certain symbols that are meaningful to you, gentle movement, involvement of various senses, and positive affirmations.

How to Access Retreats in Ontario

At Planet Forth, you can book retreats for individuals and groups. There are various options, including Earth Week, Moon Week, Water Week, and Fire Week retreats, each of which have a different focus. Typically, the day starts at 8.30am with a light breakfast and ends at 9 or 10pm with some free time. In between, participants experience guided intention setting, breath work, guided meditation, Yoga, and more. You can either complete your booking online or give us a call, so we can help you find a program that is right for you. Recharging your body and mind is crucial in the modern world because most people are overwhelmed by the constant connectivity. There are many ways of clearing your energy, and a combined or immersive approach is best for most. Contact us at Planet Forth to find out more about our workshops, retreats, and healing activities.

Many people find spending time in nature to be a deeply transformative experience. Taking time out from the hectic lifestyles we usually live will give you a whole new perspective on the problems and challenges you face in life. You’ll walk away feeling a greater sense of confidence and self-esteem.

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