Planet Forth is now offering
1 day and Online retreats

a Unique Healing Retreat

A place where individuals are fully supported by a caring and committed staff of professionals as they receive a fully comprehensive program of support and empowerment where they will not only learn the tools they need to cope with their own mental health issues on an ongoing basis but learn the lost practices handed down through the ages which are more important today than ever in helping connect to and preserve the beauty of our planet.


What We offer

Outdoor team orienteering activity

Group Activities


Holistic Healing Food




Planet Forth will continuously grow and adapt to accommodate the greatest level of support possible for all individuals and especially those searching for a deeper connection to themselves, each other and the natural beauty and healing power of the Earth. By providing high level comfort, safety and support, while maintaining a setting that is close to, and in alignment with nature, our guests will receive the most up-to-date strategies, modalities and coping techniques coupled with practices, rituals and ceremonies steeped in ancient wisdom. It is this beautiful balance of old and new that creates the perfect atmosphere for mental, spiritual and physical healing and well-being


Planet Forth is here to empower all individuals from all ages and walks of life in their own journey in hopes that they will find a deeper connection to themselves and in so doing, to our beautiful planet and each other.


Our Vision

We envision a world-renowned facility that is comfortable, supportive and close to nature that helps the planet to heal by helping individuals realize their true potential and connectedness to it and each other.


We are fully committed to providing clean, comfortable accommodations and facilities where individuals can rest, recover and relax; knowing that their needs are taken care of and that they are safe and fully supported at-all-times during their stay by qualified and committed staff. Further, we are committed to providing the best resources available to aid those on their own personal journey of self-fulfillment and empowerment. Most importantly we are committed to making this world a better place.
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